We offer from April to September

Collective and individual lessons in SURF and BODYBOARD.

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Guarantee of quality

All Surf Univers monitors are state qualified. Participants are awarded a degree with certification levels.

Lesson times are modulated depending on the tides schedules to ensure greater security and a better quality of Surfing.

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Rental and surf equipment sales

(boards, wetsuits, fins ...).





During the internship, the topics are :

Discovery of the environment and introduction to safety.
How to use the right equipment?
First gliding sensations.
How to understand the different sea conditions and wave?
How to get up on the board?
Optimize its time gliding up on the board.

+ All rates include the hardware (board and wetsuits) and insurance.

+ Small groups to optimize the quality of teaching and Security.

Teen-Adult Group Lessons

Duration of each lesson: 1h30 per day

Maximum capacity: 8 people per instructor.

surf ado adulte

1 session 39.00 €
2 sessions 76.00 €
3 sessions 110.00 €
4 sessions 145.00 €
5 sessions : internship FUN 175.00 €
6 sessions : internship SENSATION 205.00 €
7 sessions 230.00 €
10 sessions : internship PASSION 310.00 €

Internships Minimousse for 6 - 10 years

Duration of each course: 1 hour per day (avoid the cold and tiredness).

6 to 7 children per group.

surf 6 10

1 session 29.00 €
2 sessions 56.00 €
3 sessions 80.00 €
4 sessions 105.00 €
5 sessions : internship AWAKENING 125.00 €
6 sessions : internship FUN 145.00 €
7 sessions 162.00 €
10 sessions : internship AVENTURE 220.00 €

The surf school in association with the beach club offers a full service including surf lessons, boogie and fun and sports (acro-bungee, trampolines, etc ...) in a privileged location on the beach facing the surf school.

Packages day, half-day or week (possibility meal)

Discounted rates


Private lessons

The duration of the course is 1:30. Price per person.

The choice of a particular course, is able to enjoy a fully available monitor.
It is assimilated more quickly the basics of surfing.
This is get instant and personalized each correcting your mistakes.
This is the immediate answer to all your uncertainties.

surf leconPart

1 person (Price per person) 135.00 €
2 person (Price per person) 75.00 €
3 person (Price per person) 54.00 €


surf enfant

Leisure Club

You live in the area?
You want the SURF or improve?

Come join our LEISURE CLUB :

April to November training. Enjoy!
A progress without competition, but happiness and friendliness.

surf loisir

Formula 1 20 Séances
Formula 2 25 Séances
Formula 3 30 Séances




The Practice of Stand-Up Paddle

The idea is to keep standing on a large surfboard and move using a paddle.

SUP opens up a range of diversified use:

As a rite of passage, you will learn to master the balance standing to row and paddle to change direction.
As a peaceful ride on Lake Soustons, you will discover the beautiful landscapes and will recharge in full calm and soothing nature.
Form of development in the waves in Vieux Boucau (only for experienced surfers)


History of Stand-Up Paddle

The concept of Waterman is a philosophy of life adopted for centuries by men of the sea and especially by the people of Hawaii. This philosophy advocates the communion between man and the ocean. To do the Watermen have set the goal of being the best in all sports relating to the ocean swim, canoe, Stand-Up Paddle surfing, diving.

The goal is to always be the most efficient while respecting the elements. This concept, the very elitist origin, began to democratize strongly for 3 years. This is explained by the delivery to date of an ancestral practice: Stand-Up Paddle Surfing.

During his visit to France in April 2005, Laird Hamilton (legendary Waterman) took in his luggage a much larger board than the others accompanied by a paddle. Following the presentation of this material and various demonstrations, a craze was felt first in the experienced practitioners and eventually seduce neophytes. That's when the Stand-Up Paddle Surf arrived in France


Who is this discipline?

The SUP is accessible to ALL

  • Sports and non-sports
  • Children, men and women.
  • Novice or advanced.

Assets ?

SUP involves all the proprioceptive muscles posture (muscles for standing) and significantly strengthens the abdominal ensuring better maintenance of the spine.
It is an activity that fully respects the environment.

Duration and course of the session?

We provide all the equipment necessary to practice the activity.
Each session lasts 1:00 and takes place on Lake Soustons town or Port d'Albret.

Discussed subjects :

  • handling equipment
  • Learning the basic techniques
  • Use the paddle
  • change of direction
  • about-turn
  • ride

standUpPaddle01On Lake Soustons :

As a journey of initiation, duration of each session: 1:00

As a peaceful stroll, you will discover the beautiful landscapes and will recharge you in full calm and soothing nature.

standUpPaddle04Ocean Vieux Boucau :

Form of development, the opportunity to practice SUP is only for experienced surfers and is set up based on wave conditions.
We offer private lessons lasting 1:30.

  • Improvement: 90 €

All prices include the provision of equipment necessary for the practice of SUP and Surf.

standUpPaddle03SUP equipment rental :


Board and paddle


2h00 : 25 €
1/2j : 40 €
1j : 60 €

2h00 : 5 €
1/2j : 9 €
1j : 15 €


A security deposit will be required. The amount thereof is proportional to the value of the leased equipment is displayed in stores.






Come improve your


You want to live a thrilling adventure, surfing apprehend otherwise, escape and adopt the attitude surfing, come join us !


« For experienced surfers »


2h / 6 people max.

  • video return
  • Headzone helmets
  • During depending on wave conditions and weather (high tide)
1, 2 et 3 sessions 60 euros per session
4 sessions and + 55 euros per session
Discount for the 2nd child 55 euros / 50 euros


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